Finland Authorised one-month cull of grey wolves targets nearly 20% of the population   6 comments

Posted 24 January, 2016 by Wolf is my Soul in News/Nyheter

6 responses to “Finland Authorised one-month cull of grey wolves targets nearly 20% of the population

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  1. Surely there is a better way than culling, when there are so few wolves to start with?
    So sad to read this.

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    • Of course there is! Finland is still a country that has a healthy population thanks to wolves wandering in to the country from the east. The small swedish and norwegian packs suffer from inbreeding due to small packs and a lack of “new” blood needed to infuse our dwindling population with. Whenever a Finnish or Russian wolf is spottted in the northern part of Sweden it is usually forbidden to hunt because it’s status as a genetically valuable to the Swedish population. Then the wolf is tracked and captured by sedation and transported to an area where it is most probable to find a mate. So far, this approach has not had a lot of success… People ought not to meddle in these things, in my opinion.

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      • I agree. Nature takes care of things – naturally. When we humans start meddling everything falls apart.
        I’d be very very sad to see the wolf population reduced to the genetic paucity of say the cheetahs. Wolves are magnificent creatures and so well-adapted to their environment.

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  2. It’s so sad. Humans just want to kill everything that they consider harm their own interests.

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  3. Wolves aren’t the most dangerous animal on the planet–that’s humans. Of the two, it is obvious who needs culling the most. At least wolves do not destroy the environment in which they live.

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