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Although wolves are territorial, predatory animals they are also social creatures. Wolves can live in packs of 5 up to 10 wolves at a time with a sort of hierarchy within the pack. At the top of this ranking system are the alpha male and female, following suite is the beta, kind of like an alpha’s right hand man, then gama, delta, epsilons, zetas, iotas kappas, and finally omegas. Although there are many pack members mainly only the alphas mate and once pups are born the entire pack assists in the raising them, for example during the first months when the alpha female is bedridden caring and feeding the pups the other members of her pack bring her meat from the latest kill to feed her. Everything they do, from raising young to hunting, is a team effort their total family oriented.


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Posted 24 July, 2015 by Wolf is my Soul in News/Nyheter

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