Puppies dumped in a box outside San Antonio ACS, investigators need help   3 comments


“Somebody must know who these puppies belong to, imagine if they had died from the cold; could you live with that on your conscience? If they have done it once, they will do it again…please help find those born without a heart & make them pay! Everybody knows there are charity’s that will take your dogs if you can’t care for them. To simply leave them in a box outside a shelter isn’t good enough, they could have died due to weather conditions; it’s just a cowardly way out, for someone who doesn’t give a SxxT about living sentient beings…& it makes me so fxxxxxg mad!!

By Sharon Ko, KENS 53:23 p.m. CST January 24, 2015

SAN ANTONIO, TexasAnimal cruelty investigators are asking for the public’s help to find the person responsible for dumping puppies outside Animal Care Services.

Friday morning, a veterinary technician discovered the puppies in a cardboard box with a plastic bag

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Posted 25 January, 2015 by Wolf is my Soul in News/Nyheter

3 responses to “Puppies dumped in a box outside San Antonio ACS, investigators need help

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  1. You know, I was stopping by a shelter I worked/volunteered for, and I saw these people race up and drop a cardboard box off in front of a office a little ways down the strip. I thought it was a delivery, as it was all taped up. But my instincts or something made me go over and check it out. It was a box of kittens that had been dumped. Now, this was Florida. In summer. 90 degrees and climbing. Kitties lucked out that I was so nosy.

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    • Reading of your experience makes me so sad, for each day that passes I lose faith in humanity. Seems to me that people are getting more and more evil every day that passes… I wonder where and how it will stop? I’m glad to have found a kindered spirit though! Hope you have a great day!!


    • Lucky for the kittens that you sensed something was wrong! A true samaritan you were that day!!


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