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Exposing the Big Game

When did the phrase “How’s the weather” become synonomous with “Have you killed anything today?” Ever since the Weather Channel got into the act of promoting hunting, along with Time Magazine, the History Channel, Discover, etc., etc. Where’s it all going to end?

When I lived beyond a snow covered road in the North Cascades, the U.S. Forest Service decided to put in a snowmobile snow park near my cabin. I objected, of course, and when a snowmobile enthusiast asked me why I told him because the area will soon become overwhelmed by snowmobiles. He said, “If it gets that busy with snowmobilers, I’ll sell quit sledding.”

That scenario parallels the ongoing promotion of hunting. How many hunters will become frustrated and disillusioned with hunting when it gets so popular no one can stand it anymore?

17 Animals You Didn’t Know People Could Hunt –

Bored of hunting quail…

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