Outdoors group gives disabled a chance to go hunting in Madison County   2 comments

Making an addition to this blog concerning an update in wolves management plan in British Columbia:

Just Beings is glad to offer public presentations about wolves for any group of any age.  Use the on-line contact form or email Sadie Parr to arrange a presentation or learn more. (Photo credit John E. Marriott)

Is the world still wild enough for wolves?  A creature is not a wild creature unless it is being polished by unfenced landscapes, abundant prey, and the freedom to pursue it. We have added roads and radio collars and exotic animals to the forces of evolution. Have we so carved the world into geometric shapes of  possession, liability, privacy and commercial haste that it cannot abide wolves?”


-Peter Steinhart from his book The Company of Wolves.

Exposing the Big Game


[Nothing against persons of disability, of course, but how natural or sustainable is it to help each and every member of a grossly overpopulated species effectively predate on any other species they wish to kill?]

By Wayne Ford Friday, November 1, 2013

At least 75 disabled people will join the second annual Northeastelk-000-home17300 Georgia Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt next weekend in Madison County.

The hunt is sponsored by Outdoors Without Limits with support from Comer Mayor Jody Blackmon, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp and local landowners. The base camp for the two-day event will be at the Comer Fairgrounds.

“We’re totally inclusive. Anybody with any type disability — it doesn’t matter — they can participate,” said Kirk Thomas, executive director of Outdoors Without Limits. “We have no age limit.”

The hunters will gather Friday morning for registration, orientations, an afternoon hunt, and evening meal. The next day begins at 5…

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2 responses to “Outdoors group gives disabled a chance to go hunting in Madison County

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  1. Enjoying stories about wolves! Annamaria Curi56


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